Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The baby goes on holiday and takes us with him.

We got back to Brisbane last night after our extended weekend in Sydney. It was a big weekend for birthdays - with Buster, his twin brother (who lives in Sydney) and his brother's partner all on the same day. Buster's brother invited us down for the big birthday gala event which was held in their flash little terrace house.

On Friday we caught the bus to Circular Quay and then caught the ferry across the harbour to Taronga Zoo. I'd never been to Taronga Zoo before and it was really good. I know the baby enjoyed it enormously, although he did sleep through most of it.

Saturday night was the big birthday party, so we wrapped the baby up and put him to bed in our bed. We popped up to check on him every half hour or so, but he happily slept through it all. I ate a great deal of birthday cake. It was fabulous.

On the way home on Monday night, our plane was delayed but they managed to fit us on an earlier flight - which was also delayed. By the time we finally got on the damn plane, I was knackered. Some people get so cranky when flying don't they - there was this guy with sunglasses on standing at the front of the line to board the plane and they called for people travelling with infants and small children to board the plane first. As we walked past, the guy was giving us the filthiest look - for pity's sake - if you have a baby or small kids, you are usually the last one off the plane so it's not like we had some huge advantage. We saw him again at the baggage pick up - he was still wearing the sunnies and was picking up his Louis Vuitton suitcase. I tried to get the baby to puke on him, but the baby refused to co-operate. I so wanted to tell him that Louis Vuitton was chavy.


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