Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Baby starts school - well sort of

Today we had a trial lesson at Gymboree. For those of you not in the know, Gymboree is like a childrens play/learning class although I'm sure they'd come up with a better one line description. You pretty much take your baby along to a class once a week with a bunch of other mums and their babies (all around the same age) and play little games and sing songs etc.

Squirmy really liked it for the first half hour but then we did an exercise where you lie the baby on the ground under the play equipment and shine a torch on the different coloured material that's draped over it. He started screaming as soon as I lay him on the ground. So we sat out for the last 10 minutes while Squirmy had a nap to recover from the over stimulation. I was pleased to see that by the end of the 45 minutes, almost all of the babies were getting cranky, so it wasn't just Squirmy.

The proper term starts next week, so Squirmy and I have signed up for the lessons - I hope he enjoys it and can keep the screeching to a minimum.


Blogger Linny T said...

I'm glad Squirmy liked his first class. What a great idea! We're starting a similar thing next week i think, with musical instruments and singing and stuff. Squirmy did very well to last half an hour! xx

1:52 pm  
Anonymous TheFatBaldMarriedGuy said...

Suse, if you would, would you mind dropping me an email at stabulox2u-AT-yahoo-DOT-com? I have a question from your field of education.

If you don't wanna, that's also perfectly OK. Thanks.

3:19 am  

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