Thursday, May 03, 2007

Nothing to report

So things are chugging along nicely at Casa Laziest.

I've been working in town for the last few weeks doing a short term contract. Initially it was only three weeks but now they want me to stay until the end of May. A gentle reminder that my rapidly expanding girth meant that the baby was due two weeks after that and they agreed that maybe I could just stay as long as I wanted.

Squirmy is getting huge and living up to his name - he spends most of his awake time rolling around like a seal. The most disconcerting thing is when he moves so much that he starts to bulge out the side of me - it's like he's trying to burrow out early.

We bought a new microwave last week and it's currently in the repair shop - needless to say, we are not terribly impressed with this turn of events. We've also finally found and bought a dining room table that we like. And our new dishwasher arrives today. The one that was already in the house when we bought it doesn't work and we decided to get a new one rather than try to get the old one fixed because it is about 10 years old.

Boo-cat has settled down and seems much happier. She wanders around the garden during the day and then comes inside when I get home from work and isn't allowed outside again. Now that it's finally starting to get a bit cooler, she's even started sleeping on the bed.

Buster also put up new wooden blinds in our bedroom and bathroom so that we aren't woken at the crack of dawn with sunlight streaming in. We still need to get some blinds for the spare room and do something about curtains in the baby's room.

See, I think nothing has been happening but I couldn't be further from the truth.


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