Sunday, April 15, 2007

Casa Laziest - a work in progress

We have finally moved into our new house and now I'm too tired to enjoy it! So much cleaning and unpacking is exhausting especially when I am lugging around Squirmy McBaby as well (who is now about 40cm long, weighs about 2kg and is looking forward to joining us in person in about 8 weeks - eek!).

We've had the old carpet and the old lino pulled up and laid pvc planks through the entire house. These planks are very cool. They are strips of pvc cut into pieces the size of wooden planks and laid straight onto the concrete slab. It looks like a floating wood floor but you don't have any problems with the slab shifting or it being damaged by water. Which is handy considering the dishwasher had a breakdown and flooded the kitchen.

Hopefully the painting will be done in the next three weeks and we will be rid of the terrible curse of the feature walls. Don't forget to have a peek at Flickr if you're interested. I'll put up some new pics of the finished flooring soon.


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