Monday, April 23, 2007

That damn cat

Like Buster and I, Boo-cat is still settling into the new abode. We kept her inside for the first week and then started leaving the patio door open for her to go out into the garden if she wanted. She hasn't really shown much interest in exploring and seems to prefer spending her days lying on top of the kitchen cupboards peering down at us.

But come nightfall, she is very gung-ho about going outside and meows and scratches at the door all night. It was turning into a battle of wills and I wasn't sure if I was going to win but now circumstances have changed.

See that diamond patterned screened security door? Yeah, not really cat-sized is it? The other night she finally succeeded in scratching away the fly screen in the bottom corner and decided to try to make her break for freedom by squeezing through the aluminum security door. Obviously one cat is much bigger than one small diamond shape and she got herself wedged with her head through the door. Oh, and it was one o'clock in the morning.

I rang the emergency vet to see what they suggested because if she got her head through the door, she must be able to get it out and they recommended a multi-step procedure. Firstly, wrap her body up securely in a towel. Secondly, pour olive oil over her head. Thirdly, fold her ears back flat on her head. Then try to gently manipulate her head back through the door while holding her body off the ground. It took about twenty minutes but we managed to get her head free. It was like being a antique furniture removalist trying to get a particularly awkward and squirmy grand piano up a spiral staircase in the dark. Apparently they get stuck because of the way the ears fold flat when the push forward but when they try to pull their heads back the ears don't fold flat the other way.

Maybe it was something in the collective psyche of all animals because if you have a look at Nothing to do with Arbroath and scroll down about 11 or 12 articles there is a fox with his head stuck and then (another couple down) a husky with his head stuck.

On the bright side, she seems to have learned her lesson and has given up scratching at the door.


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Here's my most recent work regarding our blasted cat.

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