Friday, January 21, 2005

Dan Brown and Byrce Courtney don't count

I know I have already raved (at length) at about Dan Brown but honestly, the man has a lot to answer for. This very morning I have had to endure a ten minute Dan Brown love-fest between to work colleagues. Once again people - "IT'S FICTION - IT'S NOT REAL".

And if that wasn't bad enough, it continuted when one of them assured me that she loves reading and reads all the time. Her favourite author is Bryce Courtney. My god. Kill me now.

Sure, read all the complete and utter crap that you want, but don't ever, and I mean ever, try to tell me the Bryce Courtney counts as literature or I will pop your eyeball right out of your head with my thumb.


Blogger Moby said...

No wonder you spat venom when you saw Matthew Flinder's Cat on my shelf. I'll be sure to keep my opinions to myself when Mummy reads it to me.

11:15 am  

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