Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Christmas Bandwagon

I have sadly realised that everyone seems completely obsessed with Christmas. I have read numerous lists detailing everything possible. I haven't really noticed Christmas creeping up on us this year. But yesterday was a big 36 degrees (that's celcius - yeah, hot, I know) outside so I finally feel like Christmas is almost upon us and it's time for me to jump on the Christmas bandwagon. That said, I'm not going to bitch and moan about Christmas Carols, commercialisation, perverted santas or tacky christmas ornaments, I'm going to talk about Christmas food.

Because it is usually incredibly hot on Christmas Day here, my family don't go in for big, cooked Christmas Dinners. We tend to have a bbq, seafood and salad type lunch while lounging around in the air conditioning. This year we will be spending the day at my parents-in-law's house with visiting relatives from overseas. All in all, this is a fine plan. Except that my mother-in-law is dessert mad. We never (and I mean never) get the same dessert twice as she likes to try new things. This makes dessert a somewhat hit and miss affair.

I've never thought that I was fussy about food, but it seems that I am. Out of all the desserts in all the world, the big one that I despise has to be TRIFLE. If you are not familiar with trifle, it is a scary combination of cake, sherry, jelly, cream, fruit and custard all layed into a big bowl. Even just describing it makes me think YICK. On there own, these things are nice, even two of them together is acceptable. Putting all of these things in one big bowl is just wrong. It is all squishy and the textures are all different and it is just awful. I realise that some people really like trifle, but clearly they are mad.


Blogger Venerable (for consistency) said...

notwithstanding exhibit a and b (see below) i resent your comments that those that can appreciate the palatable qualities of trifle are mad. i suggest that you retract those comments.

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