Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I'm REALLY glad that tomorrow is a public holiday.

Today the server was down at college and I spent the whole day in mental agony because I hadn't read my horoscope. For the record:

Saggo-Aquarius synergy feels good for you guys: it's high on ideas, communication and personal enlightenment. Something formal may need to be expressed to a friend? A proper thank-you note?

Gee, glad I read it now then - my whole day could have gone down the tubes like that *click*.

Ok, so mental agony may be a slight exaggeration (btw: that "may" I used back there is a modal auxiliary and expresses an opinion - are you bored yet, or do you want to teach English as a second language when you grow up?).

Anyway, my brain has become nothing but slush. And it's slooshing around in my skull doing me no good at all. Only a few more days to go and I'll have finished the CELTA course and I will have a life again. Only a few more days .....


Anonymous FBMG said...

Refresh my memory; why are you going to Japan again?

9:12 pm  

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