Friday, June 24, 2005

Bronski and Bernstein - Special Double Header - Ep. 3 and 4

My astute readers will have noticed that there was no review for last weeks episode of Bronski and Bernstein. Why? Because I didn't write one. But don't panic, you didn't miss much.

Last weeks episode in a nutshell - Inspector Micklitz assigns the boys to stakeout a corrupt prison warder who is suspected of murdering this other guy (one of his prisoners). This other guy (the dead one) was in jail for doing a $2 million robbery - and the cash has never been found. The Lovely Lene (blond cop from another section - and nowhere near as trashy as is the usual) makes a move on Bronski and they make plans to meet for dinner. But the dinner doesn't fit in with the stakeout so Bronski leaves Bernstein in charge and rushes off for his clandestine dinner date (even though it is broad daylight). Unfortunately they have chosen (in true tv style) the same restaurant as Inspector Micklitz who is romancing the Forensic Pathologist from the morgue. Bernstein goes to rescue Bronski from discovery (and leaving a journalist to do the stakeout) in the restaurant and they have to make their escape in a little boat. Ho hum. Anyway, eventually they find out that the dead guys girlfriend works for a funeral service and they deduce that the money is hidden in a coffin. Cue middle of the night with torches and shovels and last minute chase of suspects scene in cemetery.

Last nights episode was much more entertaining. We find the boys in disgrace and working in archives. The Lovely Lene is trying to catch a flasher, and recruits Bronski and Bernstein to be her body guards. Of course, while waiting for the flasher to arrive and partake in flashing, they stumple into a blackmail scheme complete with fake banknotes. The blackmailer gets shot under the bridge by the blackmailee and as the blackmailee flees the scene, he shoots at Bernstein. Bernstein shoots him in the knee and disables him. Somehow, the blackmailee retains the wit to gather up the shells and throw them, with the gun, in the river (note to self - if ever find self shooting at police - this is a good plan to avoid charges).

So we have the reckless and impulsive, not to mention sexy, Bernstein accused of shooting an unarmed man who happens to be some important guy (I couldn't figure out who he was meant to be - the subtitles were a little vague) with gun he "borrowed" from his dad (remember his dad is the Police Commissioner). Honestly, the plot holes are big enough to drive through in this episode (note to self - don't ever get involved in a crime in Hamburg - not even as an innocent bystander).

So Bernstein needs to prove his innocence and proceeds back to the scene of the crime and duck dives in the river trying to locate the missing gun. With much hilarity, Miss Keil (the secretary at headquarters) gets a call from the Park Keeper and Bronski is sent to retrieve Bernstein from the river. As you would suspect, Bernstein stays underwater for long enough for Bronski to panic and jump in the drink to save him. Anyway, they uncover the blackmail plan (apparently, the guy Bernstein shot is gay but is trying to hide it as he is a really important guy - Director of something or the other). Of course the episode ends with the boys being shouted at by an irate Inspector Micklitz and driving off in the porshe.

As I forced Hansomest to watch the show with me, I feel duty bound to report that he didn't find Bernstein particular sexy, even though he is impulsive (Bernstein that is, not Handsomest). He felt it necessary that I point out, that while Bernstein has nice suits (although a bit 80's for my liking) and suave hair (not to mention the porshe), Bronski is competings strongly for the position of the sexy one. Apparently the rumpled blond hair, the old jeans and the leather jacket are just the ticket in Hamburg.


Blogger Craig said...

Ok, so Handsomest didn't find Bernstein sexy (I'm assuming this is a good thing), but how did he feel about you calling Bernstein sexy a good dozen times on your blog?

10:36 am  
Blogger Laziest Girl said...

Yes - but when I say he's sexy - I'm being "ironic".

4:48 pm  
Anonymous Kate said...

Oh yes, I totally agree, Bronski is far more sexy than Bernstein! Bernstein's a twirp, Bronski's....different...

8:35 pm  

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