Monday, April 25, 2005

Close your eyes if you are squeamish

And here's a picture of the staples in her tummy. It's really hard to describe what she looks like so I decided to post a picture. You can see that she has already managed to get over half of the tape dressing off (which is what has caused the red irritation on her skin). Fingers crossed, she'll be ok to have the staples removed on Saturday next week. And trust me, it doesn't look quite so awful in real life. Posted by Hello


Blogger Craig said...

This is much more depressing on a long haired dog like a springer spaniel than it was on our dalmatian. You could hardly tell he'd been shaved. Poor Sarah is probably embarrassed, and possibly quite cold. Given the alternatives however, I'm sure she doesn't mind too much.

9:22 pm  

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