Wednesday, April 20, 2005

How to spend a month's pay in one day

Bad news on the home front this week. My poor dog, Sarah the Springer Spaniel, has been in the dog hospital. On Friday night she had a stomach torsion which is when the stomach bloats up and twists itself into two compartments. This is really bad for dogs and they can easily die. So we took her, post haste, to the emergency vet and they operated on her to untwist her stomach and then they stapled it into place (on the inside) so it can't happen again. We finally got her back on Sunday night with an incision held together by about 50 staples along her tummy.

So poor Snuff has been sporting a very attractive elizabethan collar (she looks like an astronaut) - which, for people without pets, is a basically a big plastic cone around her neck to stop her chewing at the healing wound - and is banned from getting excited or running or jumping. For those of you who know what Springer Spaniels are like, this is a nigh on impossible task. So during the day she is confined to the laundry, and at night she is confined to a crate (which is basically a largish cage). She actually doesn't mind sleeping in the crate because it is currently in bedroom and she is never usually allowed to sleep in the bedroom. We went back to the vet yesterday for a checkup and she is now also sporting a bright orange bandage around her body in an effort to stop her using her back legs to scratch out the staples in her tummy.

So with the elizabethan collar, the crazy shaved fur, the bright orange rugby supporters bandage and the sleeping in the crate - the cats are very amused. They have been spending all night lying on the edge of the bed watching the crazy space dog in the box. As though we brought her home solely for their amusement.

She is recovering well and is now eating three small meals a day. I'll put a picture up in the next few days for your amusement. She is now, officially, the most expensive dog in the street.


Blogger Craig said...

I can sympathize with you on this one. A few years ago our Dalmatian (who has since passed on from an unrelated issue) began to get sick and when we took him to the vet, they did an x-ray, saw the twisted stomach and sent me immediately to the emergency vet. The surgery was successful, but he really did hate the E collar.

When we got our next dog, we thought he would be less expensive. So far he has managed to smash a glass with his paw, requiring stitches and an overnight stay, and climb up on the bathroom counter and eat some of MK's medicine, requiring almost a week at the doggie hospital, a trip to the human hospital to pick up medicine for him and frequent blood tests for about a month afterward.

Good luck, and I hope she continues getting better.

10:18 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

$6k + 6 months in the emergency pet hospital = our street's most expensive pussycat. she's doing swell, we love her to bits :-) it's amazing how well they cope with the elizabethan collars - well, on the outside anyway!

10:03 pm  

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