Monday, April 11, 2005

My heroes - part one

This is the first part of a new series that I've decided to do. In this search for who I am, my very essence, I'm going to look at who my heroes are and try to figure something out.

Last year Handsomest and I went to see Alexei Sayle at a book reading for his latest book, Overtaken, and he was fantastic. I stuck up my hand and asked him what kind of books he liked to read (which made a change from all the questions about his early career as a comedian/actor) and he said "of course, one reads Pushkin ..." The entire audience totally cracked up and he then admitted that he was very partial to Anne Tyler's books (which I would never have guessed). I even got to meet him afterwards and Handsomest took a photo of us together.

Alexei, you're my hero because you write in the manner to which I aspire. You are funny, original, lyrical and amusing (not the same as funny).


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