Thursday, March 31, 2005

I hate asterisks.

You know what I hate? Those stupid asterisks that people use when they want to swear. I mean if you have something to say, say it properly and stop fecking around with asterisks. The whole point of writing f**k is so that it can't be considered offensive. But surely it is offensive. I mean, we all know what f**k really says, so how can it be inoffensive? The writer meaning what they mean and the reader knowing what the writer means should be already offended. Using asterisks helps no one people.

I also find it difficult to believe that someone would no longer read my blog just because I used a swear word. It's far more likely that they would stop reading my blog because they find the content of my blog offensive (or, even more likely, boring) rather than the use of the odd swear word.

That having been said - I should reveal that I am banned from using my favourite word at home. I just love the word starfucker. I don't know why. It just speaks to me. Loudly. And Handsomest hates it. Obviously this means that I use the word in a far broader sense and with a much higher frequency that it actually warrants.


Blogger L said...

I think "air quotes" are worse than asterisks :)

and starfucker is a great word

1:19 pm  
Blogger Craig said...

I'm not even sure if I could figure out how to use it in a sentence. Then again, maybe I'm just too f**cking stupid.

1:21 pm  
Blogger Venerable (for consistency) said...

you know, asterisks can be extremely useful. they let email get in where it otherwise wouldn't. for example, where i previously worked, our servier would not let email in or out that contained an profanity.

i was also thinking, how can the inclusion of asterisks be to reduce the degree of offensiveness? i mean, at the end of the day, you are saying fuck or f*ck, but either way it is still fuck.

11:21 am  

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