Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Maths Tutor

Back when Laziest Girl was younger (so much younger than to-daaay) she had a "Maths Tutor". That's right, when, by some total freak of the education system, I ended up in the maths/science stream at high school, it was discovered that I seriously needed help. Not so much with the science bit but, frankly, the maths stuff was a complete mystery to me. So, my loving parents (instead of confronting the Principal and asking how the hell I ended up in advanced math - when it was clear that my talents lay in English etc) decided to engage the "Maths Tutor".

The Maths Tutor actually turned out to be a really nice science student at the local Uni. Sure, she was a bit odd, maybe even flaky, but she knew more about maths than I did. Anyway, once a week she would come to our house and spend an hour or so helping me out.

One week she didn't turn up. It wasn't until the following week that we learned that it was because she had been arrested at student protest. That's right, the Maths Tutor was a student environmental activist and she was arrested at least three times over the next eighteen months.

About two years ago, I saw her picture was in the paper when she was thrown in the clink for arson. Apparently she burned down an antiques warehouse on the Sunshine Coast in an insurance scam. How does someone go from being a hippy student activist (who used to glue up the holes in her indian skirts with clag) to being an arsonist?

And, despite her concentrated efforts - I'm still crap at maths.


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At least you got a good story out of it :)

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