Thursday, February 03, 2005


Last weekend (hmm, actually two weeks ago) we went to see Apres Vous which was showing at the Palace Centro with Venerable and Weatherboi. It was a very entertaining movie and I was suprised at how funny the physical comedy was. I've never been a big one for physical comedy as, to me, it always seems to be verging on slapstick. But I stand corrected. Apres Vous was very funny and the physical comedy was fairly subtle.

After the film we wandered down the road and had a look a some of the stencil art on the side wall of a building. The wall is an unofficial open air gallery that is covered in stencil art. You can see the picture of Ven below posing next a stencil on the driveway.

I also haven't posted in a while because I have had a horrible cold. I haven't even been to work at all this week. Today is the first day that I feel vaguely human.


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