Tuesday, November 16, 2004

How to squish Venerable's carefully constructed cool.

Things at "The New Job" are going well. I've learnt how to charge books out to myself and request stuff that is out in circulation (oh the power ... the power!). I've also officially joined a car park group (don't ask) so I get a free parking spot for four days out of every fortnight.

Venerable (http://venerable.blogspot.com/) was meant to come and have lunch with me today but the forces of the universe were once again conspiring against him. Who else would lock themselves out of their apartment 5 minutes before they were meant to leave for a lunch? Of course, only Venerable.

Over time, these mishaps have become somewhat endearing.

I remember one of the first times we had lunch together. On his way into town, Venerable had bought a birthday gift (a funky cutlery set) for Weatherboi. I met Ven in the lift well, and being really excited about the gift acquisition, Ven pulled the cutlery box out of the shopping bag to show me. Of course the entire box emptied itself all over the floor. Cut to Venerable and Laziest Girl scrabbling around on the floor collecting all the knives and forks and spoons. Later that same day Venerable dropped his little packet of soy sauce (that was meant for his sushi) over the balcony at the food court and cheerfully shouting "Sorry!" to the stunned diners below.

There also seems to be a recurring thread of Venerable embarrasing Laziest Girl. Picture Venerable and Laziest Girl browsing happily through an exclusive store. Venerable spots a shirt and examines the price and exclaims (in an extremely loud and penetrating voice) - "Fuck, I hope they give you a blow job when you buy this shirt!". Picture Laziest Girl trying to become invisible. Of course he is not TRYING to be embarrasing, it just somehow happens - all the time.

Of course I've never embarrassed Venerable at all. Well, maybe the time, in a crowded cafe, I shouted that you couldn't catch straight from drinking out of my water bottle. Or the many times we have had slapping fights over who gets to pay for the coffee. Or the time we made Andre teach us how to moonwalk and I made Ven practice with me in the line at Dreamworld in front of a squillon people.

Actually, this is a great idea - in my next post I shall continue to dish the dirt. Next up, the Gorgeous Tall One.


Blogger Pleiades Girl said...

Hey there Laziest Girl! Just letting you know that I've finally updated my blog - it has been over a month so I guess that makes me even lazier than you bella! Maybe I should change my blog name to the Laziest Lazy Girl Ever... Hope you like the photos.

10:40 pm  
Blogger Venerable (for consistency) said...

i am presuming that this radical departure from your previous postings where you potrayed yourself as the heroine of modernity has something to do with you ceasing to take your medication *LOL*

i must say, the flood of memories triggered by your posting left me in hysterics.

8:57 am  

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