Monday, October 18, 2004

What a perfect Monday

What has the Laziest Girl been doing for the last week (obviously aside from being lazy)? Well, quite a bit actually. I'll start at the beginning...

On Friday night we had our first Book Group excursion - which wasn't even to a book-related event. We all went along to see a band called Halfday. We had a few little drinks and there was even a bit of dancing. Handsomest managed to acquire me a poster which he got signed by the band.

We had a dog trial on Saturday night which started at 2.15pm and finished up at 11.30pm. Poor Handsomest only had four and a half hours sleep on Friday night so he was completely knackered.

We slept half of Sunday away - and I've done hardly anything for my Islam essay. I've started revising a couple of articles and I've done an essay outline, but I won't have it finished by Tuesday afternoon. I've emailed the lecturer to beg for an extension. Fingers crossed that this won't be a problem.

Yesterday it started raining for the first time in ages. It rained all night and started up again this morning. There I was, standing at the bus stop waiting for the bus with about six other people. We were all pressed to the back of the shelter as the wind was blowing the rain in on us. Suddenly a huge truck went passed and sent a sheet of water tsunami-like over us all. I was completely soak from head to foot. The guy standing next to me actually decided to go home and get changed.

What a perfect Monday.


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