Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Some days, even catching the bus is fraught with difficulties.

You remember ages ago that I went to put my toll money in the collection thing at the toll booth and dropped my money all over the road? Today I was catching the bus home when something similar happened.

I was waiting in line at the bus station in town with about 4 million other people. The bus pulls up, the glass doors slide open and everyone starts to file on the bus. Sometimes the glass doors try to close at random and squish whoever is in the doorway, so I'm keeping an eye on the doors in case I need to press the green button. I finally clear the killer doors and I look around the people in front of me to try to see which side of the door the ticket machine is - and a huge gust of wind plucks my ticket from my hand and it blows under the bus. Oh crap. I look under the bus but I can't reach the ticket.

"Um, my ticket just blew under your bus". "Sorry, what?"
"My ticket just blew under your bus and I can't reach it"
"Oh" (extended pause) "is there a bus behind me?"
"Is there a bus behind me?" "Ahh, no"
"OK, hang on" *driver reverses bus five metres back down the platform*
*LG dashes onto the roadway and picks up ticket*
*driver moves bus forward up to the doorway while shaking with mirth*

So, much to the amusement of the rest of the passengers (and my relief), my ticket is rescued and I get on the bus. Thankfully I managed the rest of the trip home without dropping my handbag and spilling it's content down the aisle.


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