Friday, September 23, 2005

House hunting

Handsomest and I are looking for a new house. Which is horrible. No, no, I mean the looking part is horrible, not that we are looking for a horrible house. Handsomest has looked at a couple but we haven't yet found what we want. And with our champagne tastes on a beer budget, I think we are going to be looking for a while. Which is ok, we're not in a rush.

Yesterday we went and looked at a nice old Queenslander. For those of you who don't live in Queensland, a Queenslander is a wooden house built around 1920 with a corrogated iron roof. They are built on stumps (usually low, fat stilts), have high ceilings and the internal walls are vj's (which are vertically joined timber boards). They also have a covered verandah at the side, front and/or back. Often this verandah has been built in during the late 60's and is now called a sleepout (cause when you only have two bedrooms, some one has to sleep in the sleepout).

So the house we went to see looked was lovely. It was the right price, has a three year old roof and the kitchen and bathroom were replaced about five years ago. It is set on 589 square metres with a couple of lovely big trees in the front yard. The internal doorways still had the original wooden fretwork over them and the floors were polished. All looked good until we got to the dining room and realised that we were at eye level with the train line which was about 10 metres from the back of the house.

So I guess we will keep looking.


Blogger Craig said...

Sure, it's fun to look and find the house you want. The moving, settling, painting, deciding what else needs to be changed or repaired, that stuff is no fun.

11:12 pm  
Anonymous FBMG said...

So funny that you should mention that because my Italian beauty and I are also looking for a house. The housing market in the U.S. is way overpriced.

9:53 pm  
Blogger Laziest Girl said...

fbmg - I know, I think it's contagious. I blame CK over at the Fount - he started it.

9:51 am  

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