Monday, May 03, 2010

Nothing to see here, now move along.

I'd like to say that I've been busy doing exciting and fascinating things but that would be untrue. Everybody is either sick, getting sick or recovering from being sick. The MonkeyFish is on his second round of the same cold, Ponyboy has Bronchiolitis and I have viral conjunctivitis in my right eye. Buster is infuriatingly well.

We were meant to be going to Melbourne this weekend for a wedding but Ponyboy probably won't be ok to fly so Buster will be going on his own. Very disappointed as I actually fit into my dress and even bought new, staggeringly high heels to wear. But better to stay home than for Ponyboy to get sick again.

I haven't even been reading any books I can tell you about. Ponyboy is also on meds for reflux so I haven't been getting enough sleep to make reading feasible. I haven't even been cooking anything as I've been on rations to lose weight to fit into my fancy frock.

I can talk about the new Doctor Who though - I don't love him but I do like him. I like him than the before last but I guess following Mr Tennant is a bit rough.


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