Monday, December 21, 2009

A MonkeyFish and his Greyhound (aka the idiot in a dog suit)

As you know, we have a lovely black Greyhound named Izzy. She is a real sweetheart and very patient with the MonkeyFish who, unintentionally, makes her life a misery.

The other day I was sitting outside with a cup of tea and the MonkeyFish was relocating all the lovely white river stones which surround the base of my dwarf lime and lemon trees. He generally carts them all over the garden and I find them stuffed behind the hot water system, the air conditioning unit, under the dogs bed, in the sand pit, in the dogs water bowl, under the door mat etc.

On this occasion he was sitting on the concrete putting the stones in and out of a little bucket from the sandpit using a little spade. Izzy wanders past and flops down beside him. The MonkeyFish starts chatting away to her about what he is doing and I think, awww, how sweet, they are playing together.

I go inside for something and when I come back, I find the MonkeyFish carefully putting the white river stones in her mouth. Izzy takes the stones gently, then rolls her head to the otherside, drops the stones on the concrete and rolls her head back towards the MonkeyFish for the next stone. There are about eight stones piled near her neck so they been doing this for a bit.

It was very sweet. She is such a lovely dog. Even though I often refer to her as the idiot in the dog suit because she usually jumps about like a damn antelope and slides all over the floor.


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