Monday, December 21, 2009

Haven't gone insane yet

Ponyboy is now seven weeks old and getting huge - he is about 1.5kg heavier than when he was born - and is officially 'thriving'.

He's also started smiling which is very endearing and quite adorable. I'm sure smiling is actually a biological imperative - if they didn't start smiling early, all the screaming and not sleeping would probably lead to most babies being raised by gypsies or exposed on hillsides.

The only negative is that he is not meeting the correct developmental guidelines. We took him for his six week check up with the paediatrician and he rolled over on the examination table to the great surprise of the doctor. The MonkeyFish rolled over when he was about four months old which is perfectly correct. While I am impressed that Ponyboy is strong enough to roll over, I'm praying that it doesn't mean he will be an early crawler/walker.

He's a pretty good baby though and is a good sleeper at night. Those of you without children probably wouldn't appreciate the amazing-ness of this. I give him his last feed at about 9.30pm (which takes about 45 minutes) then put him in his bed for the night. He then wakes up between 2.30 and 3am and then sleeps until about 6am-ish.

The MonkeyFish is having some weird growth/developmental spurt and is not sleeping very well - 4.35am is a stupid time to wake up. He's very restless and is woken up by the damn Kookaburras (which start up at about 3.30am). I'll leave my rant about the lack of daylight savings in Queensland for another time (it's a conspiracy to oppress those with young children, so they are too sleep deprived to defend their rights to whatever takes your fancy etc).

As you can see, the MonkeyFish has grown nearly 6cms in last six months - no wonder he is a bit out of sorts.

All-in-all, we are good. And still here. Just busy (I swear I do at least 2 loads of washing every day).


Anonymous Greg H. said...

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to you and your growing family Suze.

1:56 am  

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