Sunday, January 13, 2008

Kung Fu Night

So tonight is Kung Fu Night at Casa Laziest. Not that we actually have a regular Kung Fu event, there just happened to be two Kung Fu movies that required watching.

The first one was "Kung Fu Hustle" which is fabulous. Oddly enough, I'd forgotten that I'd seen it before(thus rising in Buster's esteem) and only remembered about 5 minutes into the film. It's a funny film - easy to follow and amusing to watch.

The second film was "Seven Swords" which is utterly incomprehensible. Aside from the inexplicably complicated storyline, our copy has the dodgiest of subtitles. Whenever there is a lot of talking, the subtitles just cut out until the action slows down and they start up again. I was totally lost by about 10 minutes in, so I gave up and started internetting*. I think Buster managed about 20 minutes before he lost track of the story. And that's the difference between us. I gave up and started playing tetris, but Buster perseveres, hoping against all reason that the story will become apparent.

* That is the technical term for reading blogs, visiting imdb and looking at other pointless drivel.


Anonymous TheFatBaldMarriedGuy said...

On that note, let me take this opportunity to pass on a tip from an old dad to a new young dad. Once Squirmy McBaby is mobile in the pedestrian sense, Buster may want to acquire an athletic protector cup; kids' swinging arms & kicking feet are MAGNETS for a father's testicles.

10:49 pm  

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