Wednesday, May 14, 2008

You know what I hate?

Ok, so there's not just one thing and out of the myriad of things that I hate, I can't really expect you to guess the exact thing can I?

But I really receiving documents that have been drafted by someone with poor MS Word skills. You know, when you get an email with some important missive from the toffs above and you have your computer set to see all the returns and tabs in the documents (like the old-fashioned reveal codes) and it looks like crap?

When the person who created the document has used five tabs to indent an important bit instead of setting it so it is just one long, custom sized tab. When they have tabs that go nowhere or tabs to set out information that should have been put in a table. When they've just used the standard indent for bullets instead of tidying it up properly in the ruler bar. When at the end of the document there is a random collection of 10 or so returns that are purposeless. When the consistency of the document is poor and they don't adjust the margins for the last paragraph so it remains indented as if it is part of a list.

It really annoys me. Particularly because I now feel like my nanna complaining about shoddy workmanship.


Blogger Linda said...

I'm hearing you loud and clear Suse and feel your pain. Don't you hate it when people tab excessively as well as use hard returns at the end of
Or even worse, hold down the spacebar until they get to where they want to!
Glad i'm not the only one.
Looking forward to not having to put up with that for a few months now i'm on maternity leave!

9:50 am  

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